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Meiser Accu-gage Tire Gauge

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Meiser Pressure Gauges feature a durable steel case with polished brass bezel and 2" dial. The compact design makes it easy to fit in any of your bike bags. No matter what style of riding your doing tire pressure is an important aspect for the ultimate performance depending on conditions and trail. Every gauge is tested for accuracy to make sure it is within the .25% scale. The Meiser gauge also features a pressure relief button to release pressure from the gauge to make is easy to pull of the valve. 

The Low 15 psi gauge range ideal fat bike tires where the smallest variation of pressure has a large impact on ride quality and traction. This gauge is easy and very detailed when your trying to figure out whether 9 or 9.5psi is the best jam for the softest conditions. 

The Semi Low 30 psi gauge range is ideal for plus size 2.8 or 3 inch tire sizes.

The Middle 60 psi gauge is great for cyclocross and mtb bike riding. When you need to dial in for soft low psi conditions or hard packed higher psi rides. 

The High 160 psi gauge is ideal for road bikes.