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Industry Nine Road XD Driver / SRAM XDR Cassettes

30 September, 2016

Industry Nine just released the offering of the Sram XD driver onto there road hubs. Now you are able to run the large range cassettes on the road hubs for a simple 1x set up. This allows you to run the lighter road hubs but also allows you to run the awesome road wheels that I9 has to offer. (bigger news below!)

The bigger news is that the road XD driver is a bit longer that the mountain xd driver. Much like the Shimano free hub body between the mountain and road. The I9 road xd driver comes with a small washer, much like the 11 speed road Shimano driver if you plan on running a 10 speed cassette. So if you are currently running the SRAM mountain cassette that ranges from 10-42t, you will need to keep the washer on when installing your cassette. Bigger news is that SRAM will be introducing a new line of XDR cassettes, which will be road cassettes that fit on there XD drivers. I've been waiting for this release for a while now. I like how the XD driver is easy to install and you don't get bite marks into your free hub body. For the most part I do like the big range with the 10-42t most of the time, but a smaller 10-36 or 10-32 would be nice as well for cross or flatter terrain. We will keep our eye our for what Sram will be having to offer for the new road XD series. Click here for pricing

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