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Fumpa Pumps Review

19 January, 2021

The world of portable bike tire inflation is a simple, yet polarizing one. You’ve got frame pumps, micro pumps, CO2; some people carry a tube, some carry a patch or a tubeless plug. Although all of these are viable options, on your local group ride you’ll find an intense form of tribalism regarding one's personal choice. 

Australian company Fumpa has recently released a product seeking to stir up the long stagnant category of portable inflation; creating a battery powered micro compressor that’s compact, efficient, and lightweight. The Fumpa comes in two flavors, a standard size as well as a micro version. The standard is perfect for clearing garage clutter or saving space in cramped conditions, freeing up the space that an air compressor or floor pump would take up. The micro is perfect for travel and riding, easily fitting in a jersey pocket or a small bag on the bike. The micro is the same size as two CO2 canisters, not including the tool needed to use them. 

The Fumpa will inflate up to six tires per charge, with a 700x28 tire inflating to 90psi in just 26 seconds. The Fumpa also works great with mountain tires, with a 27.5x2.2 tire getting all the way to 50psi in 50 seconds. The MiniFumpa will hit all of these figure as well, but with the smaller battery only lasting long enough to fill up two tires rather than six. Both pumps are USB rechargeable and feature a lithium ion battery.

We’ve been testing the Fumpa and MiniFumpa over the last few months and have been astonished with their reliability and consistency. Recently we’ve been testing them on fatbike tires, and we’ve been really happy with the performance of them.

Fumpa and MiniFumpa are both available to purchase on our website or in-store, for $199 and $149 respectively. The MiniFumpa (left) and Fumpa (right) standing next to some CO2 Canisters
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