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Manitou Mastodon Fork Out of the Box

09 May, 2017

It’s been a long time coming for another big contender to come out with a suspension fat bike fork that can compete with the Bluto. While the Bluto was a good introduction, it is still pretty low end on the Rochshox scale of forks. With the sport getting bigger and bikes getting more developed, it is time that a new fork comes out to go along with them.


Manitou just released the Mastodon a couple of weeks ago at Sea Otter Classic. The Mastodon is designed with 34mm stanchions for a stiffer fork, cold weather seals that are rated down to 0 degrees F, and a clean thru bolt axle for easy install. Manitou has two choices for the Mastodon: a Pro and Comp version of the fork. The Pro model comes with the Dorado Air Spring with a MC2 Compression Damping, which is on most of the Manitou high-end forks. The Comp Version of the Mastodon comes with an ISO Air Spring along with an Absolute+ compression damping. Both forks have adjustable rebound damping on the bottom of the fork. We will focus more on the difference of these two options in the next blog.


The other main option Manitou is offering on the Mastodon is tire clearance. They make a standard and extended version of the fork. The standard version is for 26x4”, 27.5x3.8" or 27.5x3” tire clearance. The extended version of the fork clears the bigger rubber. The extended will clear 26x5” tires, 27.5x4.8", 29+ all the way up to the Snowshoe XXL tire. If you go with the extended version you are able to run any tire /rim combination and can keep the same fork. The chart below helps determine the tire clearance. 


Manitou offers the Mastodon in two different travel lengths as well. They are offered in 100 or 120mm of travel. However, the 100mm version can be converted down to 80mm and the 120mm can be extended to 140mm. That amount of travel pretty much covers what anyone would need on a fat bike build. 


The Pro version retails for $850 and weighs in at 2,210 grams. The Comp version retails for $650 and weighs in at 2,430 grams. We are now testing a few comp extended versions. Initial thought reviews will be coming soon.

Build of the Day : His and Hers Custom Niner RKT 9 RDO's

24 March, 2017

For the 2017 race season we have his and hers matching Niner RKT 9 RDO's. These bikes are fully equipped with Industry Nine Ultralight 235 wheels, Sram Eagle Drivetrain, Thomson Stems and ESI Grips. Custom graphics are done by The Bike Brew Co to match the Broken Spoke race kits. These Niners will help send our races to the podium this year! 

Review : 45 NRTH Japanther Boots

27 February, 2017

Because most of the year is cold, wet, or snowy, we need proper gear while biking outside. And because most of us want to be careful when we spend money, it is important to find gear that overlaps the seasons and allows us to use it more than just a couple times a year. An essential part of that gear is shoes. Shoes see and feel the environment around us while providing us with the platform to keep moving.


Lately I’ve been spending time in northern California, which is a fair weather environment with average temperatures around 50 degrees in the winter. I was riding with the Giro Code’s and my feet were still getting cold or wet on most of my rides around Santa Cruz, San Fran and Walnut Creek. Because of this and the fact that I knew I was going back to Washington or Wisconsin for the rest of the winter and spring, it was time to get some proper cold weather riding shoes.


When picking out cold weather shoes it’s important to make sure they fit well, are durable, and keep the elements out. There is one shoe that I knew fit all of these criteria, the 45NRTH Japanther Boots. They are easy to put on, have several adjustments for proper fit, they are comfortable and are not too heavy or bulky. I typically wear a size 43 in cycling shoes, but with the Japanther’s I sized up to a 44. This allows me to throw on thick wool socks when the temp drops and still be a comfortable fit with regular socks as well. The Japanther’s feature a wind-resistant zipper and material while providing a protective membrane for moisture control to provide warmth while not over heating. The anti slip outsole on these boots is another great feature that keeps me upright while walking in slippery conditions. And because 45NRTH offers these boots in either 2 or 3 bolt cleats, they hit a large range of riders.


After testing the boots, I couldn’t be happier with the Japanther’s. It was a pretty mild winter in Wisconsin, but even when the temperature did hit the single digits, the Japanther’s kept my feet warm. I also tested to see how waterproof they are. Even though 45NRTH states on their site that these boots aren’t waterproof, I still needed to see how much wetness they could take.  Standing in a small stream for over a minute with most of the boots submerged, I am happy to say that my feet didn’t get wet!

The 45NRTH Japanther boots are a great three season boot that can handle a large range of weather. I would rate them comfortable from around 10 degrees to around 45 degrees, which makes them perfect for spring gravel, cyclocross, fat bike, mountain bike and anything in-between. They are wind and water resistant and really they are pretty bomb proof! Unless you plan on trenching through deep water or heading to the artic, the Japanther’s are sure to keep you dry and warm.

Build of the Day : Salsa Warbird Brooks 150th Anniversary Edition

28 January, 2017

On behalf of there 150th Anniversary, Brooks England collaborated with Salsa to come out with this awesome bike. The Warbird comes with the Cambium bar tape along with the C15 saddle to created an elegant look with all day comfort. The pictures don't do justice for the green paint scheme. The full build on this model is on point; Sram Force drivetrain with hydraulic brakes, Zipp components all around and to finish up with some great WTB tubeless tires. 

509 Cycles on Midwest Cycling Podcast

17 January, 2017

509 Cycles was just on Episode 15 on Midwest Cycling Podcast. Take a listen to learn a little more about 509 Cycles, Snowcrown and just everyone having a good time. Click here to listen to the Pod Cast and while your there explore the Mark and Sean's website. 

Now Stocking Revelate Designs

15 January, 2017

We just got in some Revelate Design bags!  The Ranger Frame Bag from Revelate Designs is designed to make use of the full triangle on your frame. It comes in 4 different sizes to fit a huge range of mountain and fat bike frame geometries. The Ranger bag is waterproof, build with a hydration tube exit port, and there is plenty of room for extra gear, and food. 
The Gas Tank bag is a small, durable, easy to use and perfect to store your goodies for any ride. It will fit your tools, extra tube, snacks, light batteries or anything you might need to carry.  Pair it with the ranger bag and you got yourself a get set up for long distance endurance rides. We are also stocking the Wampak hydration backpack, Jerry Can, Mountain feed bags and the Viscacha Seat bag. Swing in to try them out otherwise wait for our full reviews soon! 

Build of the Day - Salsa Bucksaw Carbon

17 November, 2016

Build of the day is a Salsa Bucksaw X01 Build. It features a full Sram X01 drivetrain, Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires, Whisky Carbon fat bike Rims, Rockshox Bluto Fork and Reverb Stealth dropper seat post. 

Ride Fat Bikes CA Sizing Chart

15 November, 2016

Ride Fat Bikes CA has a great resource for comparing fat bike frame fitting. Whether you want to find a better fitting bike for yourself or looking to upgrade while keeping the same fit. The stack and reach chart on there site will help you do so. Frame sizing is very important to make sure your comfort on the bike is optimized. This will further prevent joint and back pain but it will also allow you to get the right frame for the style of riding you prefer. 

All the measurements on the picture above affect how the frame feels and handles. Ride Fat Bikes CA goes more in depth into how the geometry and sizing works. There site has more to it than just the frame sizing. The FAQ page compares forks, tire widths and rims, which is a very helpful resource. There is also a lot of helpful information about fat bikes and parts to check out as well. 

We are now a Moots Dealer!

14 November, 2016

        Moots Psychlo X complete build. 

We are now selling Moots Titanium Bicycles! Stop in now to discuss your dream bike with special introductory pricing to our first customer! Contact Joel at for more information and to get set up with a Moots. 

We have Moots bikes up on our site that are available for purchase and provide you with more information on the frame model. 

New - 45 NRTH Naughtvind Winter Clothing System

01 November, 2016

Bring on the cold!!!
45NRTH launched their new Naughtvind clothing system today! A 3 piece kit. Winter cycling bibs, shell pants, and shell jacket. Stop in and checkout the new line. Here's a link to get more details on the Naughtvind system and keep reading below. 

The Naughtvind Jacket and Shell Pants displayed above. This line is built for maximum comfort and warmth along with a triple-threat of ingenuity designed to breathe, stretch, and protect you from the harshness of weather. 

A close up on the side of the Shell Pants and the Bottom of the Shell Jacket. The Naughtvind shell pants have zippered rear pockets with side access strategically placed for easy access when on bike. 

A close up on the back of the Naughtvind Shell Jacket. It comes with 3 large back pockets, reflective accents along with pit zips and a overlapping back ventilation to help dump excess body heat. 

The front of the Naughtvind Jacket shows the asymmetric zipper that prevents chin rub. 45 NRTH also designed it with a special collar shape that offers the option for extra face protection in riding position, without adding extra bulk. The zippered chest pocket is strategically positioned to avoid interference with pack straps.

The shell pants have zippered ventilation at the thighs and are made out of Schoeller softshell. This material is used on both the jacket and pants which provides the best combination of weather protection, breathability and stretch. 

Lastly the Naughtvind bibs feature a poly-merino wool bend for a next to the skin comfort and protection. Along with a EIT Bastogne HP chamois for all day comfort on the saddle and a 4/5 length that pairs with any 45 NRTH boots so there is no extra bulk. 

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